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Updated 19 August 1999

David Nicholas Sturm
Editor - Writer - Journalist

Seasoned, award-winning newspaperman. Investigative journalist. Unpublished novelist. Veteran copy editor. Author of film web site. Skilled computer paginator. Successful freelance entrepreneur. Entertainment columnist. Journalism lecturer. Mentor and manager of young writers. Wordsmith extraordinaire.

Get it first, get it right. Take the reader by the hand. Good writing is re-writing. Make no assumptions. Check the spelling. Deadlines are sacred. Update the Rolodex. Pamper your sources. Legwork has no substitute. Make the extra phone call. Beat the competition. Find new outlets. Make the product indispensable. Find a way to make it happen. The team comes first. Professional conduct and appearance always. Treasure the young reader. Accept responsibility. Think outside the nine dots.

MS Windows, MS Word, WordPerfect, Macintosh, Harris Pagination System, Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Style Book, Strunk & White, Netscape, Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, Google.

EXPERIENCE: Various (Prague, Czech Republic, 1996 - 1999)

EXPERIENCE: Daily Lancaster (PA) Intelligencer Journal (1976-96)

EXPERIENCE: Salamanca (NY) Republican Press (1974-76) EXPERIENCE: Dundalk (MD) Eagle (1973-74)


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