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By David Sturm, Copyright © 1996

These Web sites offer fun, stimulation, and just plain good content on the subject of movies. That is, they're more than someone's list of kewl movie links.

Interactive Movie Fun

  • The Movie Quote Contest

    Take the challenge: Answer one of the ten movie quotes on the page correctly and you win the right to submit a quote that you hope will stump all future visitors. Not as easy as it looks.

  • The Movie Cliches List

    Another interactive site you can help build. Add your favorite movie cliche--talking bad guy or car chase that ends with a crash into a fruit stand--to the hundreds here.

    Just Plain Movie Fun

  • CyberSleaze

    Every day you're served up the latest on beautiful peoples' arrests, overdoses, legal wrangles, and cool quotes. Where else can you find archived sleaze?

  • April's Flames

    Quick, thoughtful reviews of first-run movies from a theological perspective. More interesting than it sounds.

  • Stanley Kubrick: Master Filmmaker

    Get the latest dirt on the next monster Kubrick project--AI--as well as insightful quotes, a fun list of homages to the master in other media, and more.

    Meaty Links and Databases

  • Drew's Scripts-O-Rama

    For those who like to read their movies and TV shows--and who have the time to do it.

  • Internet Movie Database

    Yes, every fact, statistic, name, date, you might want to corral is here.

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