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[ The Indispensable Movies Web site was published in 1996. A film review archive organized by genre, it also included a weekly video column, which was on hiatus while we lived in Europe. It will surely resurrect one of these days...-- Dave Sturm ]

Welcome, film fans, to The Indispensable Movies Home Page. You'll find, conveniently organized and sometimes irreverently discussed, more than 500 remarkable films divided into 26 genres. This my guide to the best of the best and the worst, movies that make movie-going a passion instead of a pasttime.

Click on any of the following 26 genres and you'll learn anything worth knowing about that type of movie. Follow how the genre developed or degenerated as I cover noteworthy movies, their year of release, directors, and stellar performances by actors, writers, or others. The list is in descending order, from the genre with the largest numbers of movies to that with the smallest.

A bit more about this site, along with some added attractions.

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