by Allison Sturm

While I think what I should write
I see a flying kite.
Between the kite and a site
I see something that is quite white.

Then I heard " good night" and off went the light.
"I might fight" I said "tonight"
Because in sight I had a fright
That I might be going on a flight
That might be quite tight.
And I might be sitting next to a knight
In the night.

Then in a few thoughts I thought that tonight
Might be the night
That I went on the tight flight.

So I ran away to the site
And said "Something is not quite right."
Then I saw small bites
under my arm. I thought that I might
bite those bites tonight.

Then during that time I saw the thing that was quite white.
Then I thought that my mom was right.

(c) 1994-1998 David, Chris and Allison Sturm